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Letter to the Editor: More transparency needed for Rio Grande commissioner meetings

On behalf of the Committee to Recall John Noffsker, thank you to the many hundreds of citizens who signed our petition, willingly, with the intent to exercise your wishes and opinions as voters of Rio Grande County. Thank you to everyone who listened and shared our concerns.

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Letter to the Editor: St. Agnes is being shut down by the church

The reason for this shutdown is not very clear, but we, the parishioners could see it coming. The bottom line is finances. According to the head priest, and the businessperson, the church is a business.

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Letter to the Editor: Vote yes for Diane Mitsch Bush

She will represent our rural values and way of life! Diane is a level-headed and compassionate leader

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Letter to the Editor: Support Cleave Simpson for Colorado Senate District 35

We are writing this letter to support Cleave Simpson for Colorado Senate District 35. We have known Cleave and his wife Cathy for many years. Cleave has integrity and is a man of his word.

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Letter to the Editor: Vote no on proposition 113 Why we have an electoral college?

For all the people who fell asleep in civics class.

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Trout Republic: Cheating Side of Town

Unless you are as old as Ol’ Dutch or an Eagles fan, you may not know what the “cheating side of town” is. In their song “Lyin’ Eyes,” the Eagles sing about a kept woman who steps out on the old man she lives with.

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