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County courthouse, town on track

The Mineral County Board of County Commissioners raced through their meeting in approximately one hour on Tuesday morning, April 16, and the Town Board of Creede met on Tuesday night. Before, during and after the meetings, crews covered the courthouse construction site like worker bees at the hive.

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Youth summer programs offered through RGWCEI

The Rio Grande Watershed Conservation & Education Initiative’s summer programs might be the perfect place for them!

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Maestas to judge 2019 sculpture show

The Creede Arts Council (CAC) is proud to announce the judge for the 2019 Creede Sculpture Show. Huberto Maestas is an American sculptor living in San Luis, Colo. His notable works include the life-sized Stations of the Cross located in San Luis, miniatures of which are in the Vatican collection. Maestas’ sculptures may be found in cities from Santa Fe and Taos, N.M. to Covington, Ky. and Los Angeles, Calif.

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Forest officials, partners recognized for helping local fish

Four local recipients were recognized earlier this month at the annual Regional Forester’s Honor Awards Ceremony

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How have bark beetle outbreaks changed forest conditions?

As Colorado’s private and public forests recover from insect and disease outbreaks and other disturbances, humans and wildlife are adjusting to significant environmental changes...

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