Wetherill announces candidacy for Mineral County Sheriff


I Terry Wetherill, am announcing my candidacy for Mineral County Sheriff in the 2022 Election. I feel now is the time for me to step up and provide my own style of leadership for our Sheriff’s Office which will result in additional protection and service to our community.  

I have been serving as the County Emergency Manager and the Search and Rescue Coordinator since January 2016. I became a Mineral County Reserve Deputy in May of 2016 after receiving my Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certificate.  

I spent 29 years serving in the United States Navy Submarine Force and retired as a Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO). During my Navy time, I learned the value of serving with honor, respect and integrity. I believe in, hands-on leadership, leading by example and empowering and developing subordinates. I understood that a leader should be training his relief while ensuring everyone on the team progresses along their career path. I have experienced firsthand that a leader who can engage and utilize the strengths of everyone on the team, will enjoy much mission success and will have a cohesive team that fully understands the value of service with honor. As a MCPO, I led up to 150 personnel and oversaw a budget of close to a million dollars. Through all of this, I came to understand that “Mission First, People Always” would be critical to our team’s success in serving our country.  

As your sheriff, I intend to use all of these leadership skills to serve Mineral County. I will make time and put my energy into getting out and determining what issues and or concerns the people of Mineral County are dealing with and how the sheriff’s office can best support you. I will ensure our deputies are getting the training they need to fully protect and serve our community. Although we are still a very rural and remote community, and I love that about Mineral County, I believe we have a duty to prepare for and be ready to, deal with some of the more difficult situations we see occurring as close as the San Luis Valley, our state and our country. I will strive to keep the community policing atmosphere that Mineral County has been known for while increasing our capability to protect and serve and enforce all constitutional laws, in an effort to keep Mineral County the last great place!

It would be my honor and pleasure to continue to serve this community as your elected Sheriff.

Terry Wetherill

Mineral County