SLV Health Radiology and Imaging adds 3-d mammography technology

Courtesy Photo The SLV Health team at the Stephanie L Miner Women’s Imaging Center at SLVRMC standing next to the new 3-D mammography machine, left to right: Robyn Williams, Barbara Carlsen, Director Janet McGinnis and Janet Yohn.

ALAMOSA— San Luis Valley Health is proud to offer the latest technology to the imaging services in the Regional Medical Center in Alamosa.
With the addition of the new Tomosynthesis (3D) Mammography machine, patients can be screened with greater confidence and accuracy than ever before. According to the manufacturing company Hologic, “Compared to standard 2D digital mammography, 3D detects more breast cancers, earlier detection of breast cancer, resulting in reduced false positives and callbacks by 40 percent and less anxiety.”
The technology allows for better visualization of abnormalities and normal tissue, especially dense tissue. Not all insurance companies cover tomosynthesis (3D) mammography, so prior to scheduling an appointment, it is recommended to check with the insurance company. Patients may opt to pay the difference in costs out of pocket. Some providers might order the 3D mammo for a variety of healthcare concerns. Questions should be directed to 719-587-1231.


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