Shady Burro Enduro plans third year in South Fork

By Lyndsie Ferrell
SOUTH FORK— Scott Bright, creator of the annual Shady Burro Enduro in South Fork, is already hitting the trails and getting them ready for this year’s dirt bike course.
Over the last three years the Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit has helped Bright bring a new, highly enjoyable event to the South Fork area and this year is expected to be just as successful as the past two. Though Bright has had a year to plan and prepare for the event, he wanted to wait until the beginning of June before heading out to do some work on the trails that will be used during the event.
“We work very closely with the town and the local forest service to make sure that we leave the trails and the town in better shape than there were when we came. It is our goal to always make sure that everything we do benefits the communities we visit, and so far South Fork has been one of the most supportive communities we have held an event,” said Bright.
Bright brought the race back to the area again two years ago and through the combined efforts of several area business and land owners, the riders were brought closer to town which resulted in a huge economic boost for not only South Fork, but the neighboring communities of Creede and Del Norte as well. “The owner of the land where they host Rhythms on the Rio has invited us back for the second year and we couldn’t be happier,” said Bright.
Racers who came to last year’s event stated that the race was one for the history books, bringing back the old-fashioned way of dirt bike riding through the challenging trails, welcoming communities and forged friendships along the way.  
At the beginning of October, Bright announced that he had taken the funds collected through the race fees and donated them to the Colorado Trails Preservation Alliance (CTPA). The collected fees helped pay for the restoration and preservation of hundreds of miles of trails in the South Fork and Del Norte areas and to help ensure that the race and other outdoor activities can continue in the future. The donation of $5,000 was issued to the CTPA on Oct. 3 with a message from Bright, “We are really proud to be able to support the CTPA with a portion of your entry fees. If you raced it, then you played a part in this. It doesn’t matter if someone is looking, give yourself a pat on the back.”
Bright spends several weeks prior to the event in the area with volunteers working on the designated trails and mapping out specific tests each class of riders would have to complete. Each day features a new obstacle that takes riders up into the mountains surrounding South Fork focusing on terrain that is both challenging and beautiful for all of the participants who range in age from 10 and up.
Bright explained that he wants to continue to spread the message that the group is here to enjoy the many trails and beautiful area around South Fork and invites the local communities to come out and watch the race at the end of August. “We want people to come out and see us, touch base with the club on our website and familiarize yourself with the event,” said Bright.
For more information or to contact Bright about the coming event, please visit

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