Rockhounds gather for annual Creede Rock and Mineral Show


Photos By Lyndsie Ferrell The annual Creede Rock and Mineral Show brought a crowd of rockhounds over the weekend to Creede. Vendors from all over the US came to share their treasures and their knowledge of geology during the event. Rockhounds of all ages came out on Saturday to wander the many vendors showcasing their rocks, minerals, gems, and much more.

CREEDE — There is no better place in the San Luis Valley to learn about rocks and minerals than in Creede. The unique geological destination brings rockhounds from all over the globe to the annual Creede Rock and Mineral Show.

The weekend started on Friday, Aug. 5, and though rain showers threatened throughout the day, people coming for the weekend headed out to the Creede Underground Community Center to get their fix of a large variety of vendors featuring rocks, minerals, fossils, handmade gifts and more. There were over 30 vendors lining the hallways in the Underground Community Center. 

Rock and mineral experts were readily available to talk with guests throughout the entire weekend. Some were well-versed in local geological information and eager to share it with anyone who would listen. The atmosphere was more than friendly and welcoming throughout the weekend.

One vendor, in particular, Bill Candler has been coming to the show for many years and enjoys it every time he comes. As someone who is familiar with rocks and minerals all over Colorado, including Creede, Candler was happy to share secrets of the trade with all who asked.

“I just love talking rocks and I love coming to this show because so does everyone else,” laughed Candler. 

The evenings at the Creede Underground Mining Museum featured lectures on the local geology of the area and how Creede became one of the largest producing areas for silver back in its boom days. Local experts held two lectures throughout the weekend that were open to the public and both nights were well attended. 

While guests were visiting, they were able to enjoy music in the park, and live theatre, and wander the shops and restaurants of Creede.

Next up for Creede will be the annual Gravity Derby on Aug. 13 beginning with registration at 7:30 a.m. and the race starting at 8:30. After the Gravity Derby, Creede will settle in for its end-of-summer bash and Labor Day festivities.

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