Refurbishing and additions for Creede Parks and Recreation

The Creede Skate Park and Ed Hargroves Ballpark will receive refurbishing.

CREEDE- Creede Board members opened their meeting Tuesday night to continue conversations pertaining to topics that have been discussed over the past month and those in attendance were seeking to find solutions.

Kat Ash, Director with Creede Parks and Recreation gave a brief update on both a San Luis Valley Council of Governments grant and Get Outdoors Colorado grant that was awarded. The department is in the process of purchasing new picnic tables, installing a new water fountain in Basham Park, refurbishing the skate park and the Ed Hargraves park. Ash explained that they were working on repainting the skate park and bringing the baseball field up to par to make it easier to maintain.

Ash also stated that they were purchasing a boulder wall for the recreational center and archery equipment for evening archery classes for local students. “We are looking forward to doing some evening archery events for students which we felt was a great way to get students outside and still be able to practice social distancing.”

During the same meeting, Town Manager Louis Fineberg gave an update on the mini-hydroelectric station that has been proposed to help with electricity costs for the city offices. The purpose of the hydroelectric station that will be placed in the flume, is part of an effort to bring the city of Creede utility bills as close to zero as possible. Fineberg is working with a local engineer to work out details for the project in order to move forward with applying for a Department of Local Affairs renewable energy grant.

In a previous meeting the board gave administrative direction to Fineberg to move forward with research needed to complete the grant application in time for the October deadline. Fineberg has also stated that he has asked the city to continue to look at renewable energy projects due to the fact that DOLA is looking to fund those types of projects this year


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