Poor Little Rich Girl

On Sunday night, Ol’ Dutch came dragging his exhausted self in the door expecting a delicious meal, hot shower and an evening of quiet solitude. Well, I expected at least the meal and shower part as living with Miss Trixie never guarantees quiet. But two out of three ain’t bad for most men and you throw in a little television on the side, and you have the makings of a great evening.

Little did I know that I was going to be subjected to two hours of whining from some poor little rich girl about how hard of a life she has it being rich and famous. If you were lucky enough to miss it, Meghan Markle took center stage for the acting role of her life with none other than that other poor woman, Oprah.

Thankfully Ol’ Dutch is hard of hearing and could not hear the complaining about how the ages old British Monarchy refused to change for this spoiled brat from America, but I got the lowdown from Miss Trixie every time there was an advertisement.

It seems that Poor Little Rich Girl, PLRG from henceforth, just was mistreated awfully with having maids and butlers, private jets, luxury trips abroad, vast sums of money, an adoring public, a Prince for a husband and the life of Riley handed to her on a literal silver platter.

She played this role with Oprah with great aplomb as she stroked her baby bump repeatedly while talking about how unfair it was that her son was not a Prince and how people mistreated her with comments. I am not sure about you but where I come from name calling and rude comments are pretty much an everyday event in our lives, but you don’t see Ol’ Dutch on Oprah complaining about it.

All PLRG and Prince Charming ever wanted as a couple was to live a life of relative obscurity with peace and quiet, so left the British hustle and bustle for a life in the vast Canadian west. But that wasn’t quiet enough, so they bought a $15 million mansion in California amid the rich and the famous all the while putting on the hustle for the quiet life pursuing fame and fortune.

First, it was her dad abusing her then her half-sister and then the Royals so I am not sure what her next move might be to try and gain airtime, National Enquirer column inches or magazine print but we are sure to be inundated with more non-news about her, her baby bump or Harry not finding any friends here.

This past year has been filled with struggles and trauma with the COVID-19 and many people have suffered physically, emotionally and financially with that so it’s a bit of a stretch for me to believe anyone really can feel sorry for a PLRG worth over 150 millon clams.

I mean honestly, her biggest complaints were things that the average person goes through each day without the funds to solve even the most mundane of problems. If you want a real hard luck story, talk to the woman who has four kids, a dead-beat ex-husband and she works three jobs. Now that’s a story of survival.

Ol’ Dutch did glance up a few times from his Internet perusing to see PLRG put her hand on Prince Charming’s to calm him down. Pundits on body language will tell you that she is exerting her dominance by having her hand on top of his, but we already knew who ran the show in that house from her actions in the last year. Once a mighty hunter, Prince Charming has had to give up that passion and all of his guns just to keep her happy and let me tell you from experience, once you give up your guns you are subject to tyranny.

On a parting note, we ended the conversation about the PLRG and Prince Charming at least in our household with me telling Miss Trixe to “never put her hand over mine.” At least I learned something from that wasted of two hours.

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