Ongoing vandalism issue reviewed

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CREEDE—Ongoing vandalism on Deep Creek Road was a hot topic during the Oct. 2 Mineral County Commissioners meeting. Over the last several weeks, the solar speed limit signs have been showing signs of vandalism, with one on the east end of Deep Creek now completely destroyed.
Robert Hosselkus, assistant road and bridge supervisor, explained that there has been three incidents where the signs have been damaged, stating that Undersheriff Bill Fairchild was the first to file a report on the vandalism several weeks ago and the damage continued to occur. One sign is missing the solar panel, and the electrical box was bent in such a way that compromised the internal electronics, rendering the sign ruined. County Administrator Janelle Kukuk stated that another report would be filed, also stating that the county should consider filing an insurance claim to help pay for the replacement of the signs. Mineral County Sheriff Fred Hosselkus also instructed the board to have another report filed, so that there is a recent report on file.
Robert Hosselkus also spoke to the board about the current state of the county roads, saying that he and his crew have finally been able to grade around the county now that roads have dried after recent rains. He continued, stating that one of the graders was down but parts should be in by the following day. They hope to have the grader up and running by week’s end.
Sheriff Hosselkus also discussed reimbursement for the purchase of VHF radios from 9-1-1. The sheriff explained that within a few years, all of the radios in the department will have been replaced free of charge thanks to the 9-1-1 program.
Commissioners asked the sheriff if he had had the chance to view the most recent plans for the courthouse remodel and expansion, to which Hosselkus stated that he had. “I’m pretty happy with what I see; although, it is hard to tell dimensions from the plans… I asked Brad Ash to send another copy with dimensions on the plans,” he explained. Hosselkuss reported that he is working with Kukuk on a Court Security Grant to help with costs associated with the project.
Finally, Hosselkus announced that Wolf Creek Ski Resort owner Davey Pitcher recently donated a 36-foot snowmobile trailer and snowmobile to the Mineral County Search and Rescue (SAR) team. “The trailer will advertise the Wolf Creek Ski Patrol and the Mineral County Search and Rescue. It was a wonderful donation, considering how much those machines and trailers cost,” finished Hosselkus.
Commissioner Scott Lamb inquired about the Humvee that was donated to the search and rescue team by the 1033 program through the National Defense Authorization Act. Lamb stated that the recent paint job done by the team was “really cool” and asked whether or not the vehicle was running. Hosselkus explained that the vehicle is leaking oil, but that a local mechanic that specializes in Humvees has volunteered to look at it and teach the SAR team how to drive it correctly. The vehicle was donated in July of this year and is now painted the signature neon green associated with SAR.

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