Mineral County looks at landfill changes

CREEDE—Mineral County Administrator Janelle Kukuk opened a topic of discussion during the Mineral County Commissioner’s meeting on Monday, Nov. 6 pertaining to changes at the county landfill. The landfill has been undergoing several changes in recent months and Kukuk asked commissioners to consider yet another addition. At the current time, the landfill cannot accept electronics or tires and Kukuk proposed having a company bring in a trailer so the landfill could start accepting the materials.

Colorado Demolition and Disposal provided commissioners with a quote for a 20-yard roll out trailer that would be hauled off on a regular basis so the land fill could begin accepting electronics and tires from the public. The quote also included a second trailer that could be used for scrap metal if the commissioners decided to collect that as well. County Attorney Randy Nicholson spoke up, stating that he felt the scrap metal would not benefit the county, as people tend to haul that off on their own to trade it in for monetary gain. “People can get paid for turning scrap metal in, so the county wouldn’t be able to charge them to take it,” said Nicholson.

Commissioners agreed that the scrap metal wouldn’t be a good idea and asked Kukuk if the company that supplied the quote would be willing to only come get the trailer about once every few months, thinking that the amount of electronics and tires would take awhile to add up to warrant a monthly hauling rate. Kukuk stated that she could look into the possibility of having the company only haul every three months or so and would get back with commissioners.

Kukuk continued stating that the county would have to charge about 60 cents per pound in order for the project to be beneficial to the county and help make the investment profitable. The main reason for adding the ability to accept the materials at the dump is to help decrease the amount of material that is being dropped off in undisclosed locations or out in the wilderness on back roads. The increase in this activity sparked the conversation, leading Kukuk to believe that by accepting the material at the dump, they would ultimately cut down on having electronics and tires dropped off wherever is convenient.

Commissioners stated that it is a good idea to consider and asked that Kukuk first find out whether or not the company would be willing to pick up the trailer every three months before they would make any final decision.

Other changes that have recently occurred at the landfill include the ability to accept recyclable materials in a three parcel bin located at the entrance to the landfill and MDS Recycling Services, which have now expanded all the way to Monte Vista.


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