Meet the 2020 Mineral County Commissioner Candidates Friday, Oct. 9, at 5:30 p.m. on the courthouse lawn.

MINERAL COUNTY- In light of the recent difficulties presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, Mineral County in partnership with the Mineral County Miner have reached out to the 2020 Mineral County Commissioner candidates and are happy to bring them to the public. Following is a profile of each candidate, who they are, what Mineral County means to them and what their goals and aspirations are if they are elected as the next county commissioners.  A Meet the Candidate night is scheduled for Friday, Oct. 9, at 5:30 p.m. on the courthouse lawn.

The candidates for Mineral County Commissioner District 2 are Jesse Albright who is running for reelection for his second term and John Lawley. Albright answered some questions about his campaign for reelection. “I think the most important thing for me is that we, as a board, do what is best for the county. If I am reelected, I would like to refocus on what the county needs are. My main goal would be to begin creating an assisted living home for our elderly residents. I think it is feasible to do with the help of a lot of people. We need smart growth.”

Albright also stated that he would like to see affordable housing come to the area so that people could come to Creede to work and have affordable places to live. When asked about his accomplishments, Albright stated, “I think we as commissioners, have accomplished a lot together. We built the new courthouse, which I was proud to serve as the owner’s rep and we have now made the decision to purchase the landfill outright. We are hopeful to have that transaction complete by Nov. 1.”

“I would like to see that our relationship with the Forest Service continue to strengthen and to work with them to help answer some of the concerns I have been hearing in regard to the ATV and OHV traffic in Mineral County. I know there is a solution that will work for everyone if we take the time to find it.”

John Lawley is also running for District 2 and has been a resident of Creede for seven years and has worked at the La Garita Ranch as a caretaker for that period of time. “I am living the American Dream here in Creede. I am passionate about public service and have served as a volunteer EMT for the past three years.” Lawley is also a recent addition to the Ambulance Board of Directors and enjoys the great outdoors to the full extent.

“Mineral County deserves a leader that will reach out to the community (year-round and every single year) to gather ideas, garner support and galvanize the community to action. As your elected official, I would bring your voice to the table. I want to serve the Mineral County of today and plan for the Mineral County of tomorrow. The world is changing, and Mineral County is no exception. Let’s shape and control that inevitable change to create a more sustainable, year-round economy that will benefit every citizen while protecting our beautiful public lands and rich mining history.

One of the most pressing issues facing our community is the lack of affordable housing. Paired with that is a need for more year-round employment opportunities. I want to work within the community, every public and private entity, to find solutions to these problems. Lack of affordable housing is a statewide issue but one that must be addressed on a local level first. Addressing these issues would allow our businesses to flourish, families to grow, students to have even more opportunities, and it would promote a diverse and sustainable community ready to tackle the future. I will work tirelessly to accomplish these tasks and serve this community I love.”

Running for District 3 is Denis Powell and Ramona Weber who is running for her fourth term as commissioner. Powell is a native, born and raised in the Creede area and has served on the City Council for a full term. “I am running for commissioner in Mineral County. I have lived here all my life and served four years on the city council. I have 20 years as a Mineral County volunteer fireman. My goals are to do what’s best for our county. I’d like to get low income housing for young couples working in our county. That way they would be able to afford buying their own home. We need this in our county. I would appreciate you voting for me.”

Weber has been serving the county for seven and a half years and hopes for reelection this fall. “I am running for District 3, Mineral County Commissioner as an incumbent. I have been on the board for eight years and in that time, I have gained considerable knowledge, experience, insight, and have developed relationships with peers and colleagues that enhance my ability as a representative of Mineral County.

My goals are to keep our county as one of the best places in the country to be by honoring our past and protecting what makes us unique. To enhance our community by developing infrastructure, building community and adding or keeping services that make life better for our diverse age groups. To look toward the future in planning for growth in a way that protects our way of life and the things we hold dear. I would be honored by your vote, I will continue to work hard to represent you at a county, state and national level and make sure our small but mighty voice is heard.”


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