Letter to the Editor: Vote yes for Diane Mitsch Bush

To the editor,

She will represent our rural values and way of life! Diane is a level-headed and compassionate leader.

Diane will become the first female elected to Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. Rural Colorado and rural America have become neglected in Washington politics. Diane has a proven record of working across the aisle to fight for Colorado’s water and values-  helping farmers and ranchers. She is an independent leader and thinker. What does this mean? It means that she puts the needs of the people over party. She has gained endorsements from high profile Republicans and Democrats which speaks to her bipartisan leadership.

 Diane is one of the most approachable, down-to-earth, passionate and intelligent representatives I know. She takes the time to truly engage with people by listening, asking questions, hearing ideas and concerns, and gaining perspective. Diane is someone who is eager to roll up her sleeves to find solutions and help out everyday people.

She took many of our values to the State Capital and reminded Denver that we are part of Colorado too! For these efforts, she was named Legislature of the Year for her work on the House Agriculture Committee and the Natural Resources Committee. Vote Diane Mitsch Bush- so she can remind Washington of our Values! Whether you own 5 cattle or 50,000 cattle, use the water to ski in the winter or to irrigate in the spring for your peaches, potatoes, alfalfa or a small garden, be confident that Diane will always create the best opportunity for everyone.

Diane has a plan to bring medical manufacturing back home to America. She knows we cannot be dependent of foreign countries like China, especially when so much is at stake for the health of our great nation. It makes us independent and brings jobs back home. Her multifaceted, bipartisan approach to leadership makes her the clear choice to represent us in Congress.

Gabrielle Aragon
San Luis, CO


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