Letter to the Editor: Leggitt family thanks Creede


Phil Leggitt always stated, “If you take care of Creede and its people, they will take care of you.” Once again, his words ring true. Since his death in February, we have been showered with the love and support by Creede and its extended families and friends. 

We wanted to say thank you to our Public Health Department warriors Joni, Tara and Janet, for not only their ongoing care for Phil but for our entire family as we battled sickness through this difficult time.

Creede Clinic staff for quickly recognizing the care needed for Phil. Pastor Sara Lynn for her comfort and support, the phone angels with words of encouragement and love. The Creede kiddos that made crafts for Phil and the family. Ladies Aid, Helping Hands and the Elks Lodge for the donations toward travel expenses. Homemade meals, goodies and food boxes delivered from Creede folk, Kentucky Belle and Cafe Ole.

Our family and friends that helped keep our homes and pets safe while we were away.

The Downstream Mercantile team for keeping everyone informed when they had updates on Phil.

A huge Thank You to each and every one of the wonderful people that thought of us during this time. This came in the form of cards, flowers, gifts, social media outreach and donations for travel expenses.

While the folks of Creede were looking to take care of us, the medical teams that took care of Phil during his illness were outstanding. The Rio Grande Hospital and Memorial Hospital doctors, nurses and staff and the Flight for Life crew that got Phil safely to Colorado Springs, were so helpful and caring in their attention to his needs and to my questions.

Each and every one expressed their concern for Phil and his kindness toward them. He charmed some of the nurses even though he was ill. Thank You to all of them. Their professionalism was only surpassed by their generosity.

Being away from home in times of uncertainty and stress is always disconcerting but the staff at the Hyatt Place in Colorado Springs made our stay with them easier by being helpful and caring. Their concern for us during our stay was demonstrated daily.

Flowers and wind chimes are the sweetest of remembrances and we were fortunate to receive both from individuals and the board members that Phil served with. The wind chimes will continue to brighten our days with their melodies as the flowers brightened our days with their fragrance and beauty. Thank you to everyone.

Our family loves Creede as much as Phil did and we extend a heartfelt Thank you to all.

Diana Leggitt