Letter to Editor: Searching for a 1936 Mineral County license plate


I've been trying for about 6 years to find a 1936 Colorado license plate from every county in the state. To date, I've found all but two, and one of the two I'm missing is from Mineral County. 1936 is my last surviving grandparent's birth year, so I thought this would be an interesting project — seeing what plates looked like on the road when she was a kid. I wanted to write here to ask the community for help in locating a 1936 Colorado plate from Mineral County. It would start with 62 and have white lettering with a dark blue background. Any condition is okay even if it's completely rusted. I'll pay anyone who can help me locate such an example, or I can even trade other license plates out of my own personal collection. I can be reached by email [email protected].

Colin McGregor

Lake City