Illegal dumping in Creede

An illegal dumper caught on the Downstream Gas surveillance video camera.

CREEDE- Over the past summer, Creede and Mineral County have been experiencing a higher than normal amount of illegal dumping and although several attempts have been made by the city to try and discourage such activity, it has remained an issue.

At the end of last week, during the Labor Day holiday weekend, Downstream Gas was able to catch an unidentified female on video illegally dumping trash near and in the dumpster located behind the main store. Video footage shows the individual throwing trash not only in the dumpster but on the ground.In a plight to find the individual, the owner of the gas station posted the video online and within hours was able to find the individual who was then contacted by Mineral County Sheriff’s Department and issued a citation.

In the past few months, the city has also had issues with illegal dumping in city dumpsters that are located around the town, has received several complaints from local business owners and have had several discussions pertaining to bear proof trash cans and charging guests for the use of city facilities, including the city dump site.

It was also determined that the Mineral County Landfill was open on the day in question, giving the individual caught illegally dumping trash at Downstream Gas and Mercantile no reason for the excessive behavior. Owner of MDS, the local trash company, Melissa Graham stated that they also offer seasonal trash services to anyone in the San Luis Valley that requires short term trash services.

With the increase of people in the area, presumably due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for good stewardship is at an all-time high. Please keep in mind the choices that are made pertaining to waste in outdoor areas directly affects not only the community but the local wildlife as well. For more information or proper dumping options please call the City of Creede at 658-2276, Mineral County at 658-2331, MDS at 658-3060 or the Creede and Mineral County Chamber of Commerce at 658-237


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