How Mineral County residents voted

MINERAL COUNTY- With just over 800 registered voters in Mineral County, the ballot return percentage for the county in the 2020 Presidential election was nothing short of impressive. County Clerk Eryn Wintz has been recognized several times over the years for her persistence and dedication that brings about 91.95% ballot turn outs and the community is grateful.

Mineral County had a higher percentage of Republican cast ballots over Democrats pretty much across the board. For the Presidential race there was 425 votes cast for President Donald Trump and 317 votes cast for Joe Biden.

In the race for U.S. Sen. there were 302 votes cast for John Hickenlooper and 435 for Cory Gardner. Mineral County voters selected Lauren Boebert as Colorado Representative for 117 U.S. Congress with 411 votes, while the Democratic nominee Diane Mitsch Bush received 291 votes.

In the local election to select Mineral County Commissioners for District 1, Jesse Albright won the election with 390 votes and John Lawley came in at 365 votes. For District 3 Ramona Weber won with 473 votes against Denis Frank Powell who received 241 votes.

While the rest of the country waits for the final results of the Presidential Election, there is one thing that is certain for the 2020 race and that is the voter turnouts in every county and state across the country. The 2020 election showed just how much this country means to the people who call it home no matter the outcome.

• Amendment B to preserve funding for local districts without increasing tax rates won 61.7% or
441 votes to 38.83%, 280 votes opposed

• Amendment C allowing change of charitable gaming activities was close but didn’t draw favor with 51.6% voting against.

• Colorado Amendment 77, the allowing voters in Central City, Black Hawk and Cripple
Creek to expand game types and single bets Initiative, drew 54.17% or 390 yes votes
and 330, or 45.83% against.

• Proposition EE, increasing state taxes on inhaled nicotine, drew 61.27% or 454 yes to
287 or 38.73% against.

• Proposition 113 to institute a national popular vote was not favored by Mineral County voters with 57.85% voting against the proposition.

• Proposition 114 reintroduction of gray wolves was greatly opposed with 72.79% voting no.

• Proposition 115, banning late term abortions was close and drew 51.43% or 378 votes against and 48.57% or 357 yes votes.

• Proposition 116, reducing the Colorado income tax rate, was popular in the county with 59.76% voting for and 40.24% voting against.

• Proposition 117, requirements for new enterprises to be approved at the next even-year
election, drew 50.36% yes votes and 49.64% no votes.

• Proposition 118, creation of paid family and medical leave was close in the county with 51.58% voting against and 48.42% yes.

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