Headwaters Alliance’s Runoff Runoff is a go for June

Courtesy photo The annual Runoff Runoff Marathon event is taking place on June 5. Headwaters Alliance had its route and permits approved by the City of Creede and already has 45 participants signed up.

CREEDE — After a year off due to the pandemic, the Headwaters Alliance in Creede announced that its annual Runoff Runoff Marathon will take place at the beginning of June.

During a meeting held by the City of Creede on April 6, Headwaters Alliance Executive Director Heather Greenwolf submitted a modified plan for the event in order to adhere to state and local COVID-19 guidelines.

The event is an area favorite. Past participants are pleased to have the event back and ready to hit the road running. There will be some changes this year due to COVID, but the heart of the event will remain the same as will the marathon itself.

The event began as a way to educate the public on the importance of preserving the nation’s headwater rivers like the Rio Grande. In the early days, when Forrest Getz and Heather Dutton began the event, it was known to locals as the High Country Hustle and was the only fundraising event for the Willow Creek Reclamation Company (WCRC) for the year. The funds went directly to WCRC projects for the coming year, and the race usually took place in April.

Since the race has gained speed and national attention from runners all over the globe. What began as a small local fundraiser has become a large event for the education of water preservation and restoration throughout the region. All funds now go to preservation efforts through the Headwaters Alliance.

According to Greenwolf, 45 people have already signed up for the event and even more are expected to participate this year. The event will change to include safety precautions for state and local COVID guidelines and though previous events have included a gathering afterward, this year’s event will have live entertainment to welcome runners back from each of the three marathons but will not include food or beverages.

Greenwolf stated in a letter to the board that Headwaters Alliance plans to allow participants to picnic with food and beverages at the Ed Hargraves Park located south of Creede and will be encouraging participants to venture into town for other food options.

The route has also changed this year to limit the amount of time runners spend on Highway 149.

“Thanks to insightful feedback from previous years, we have decided to create a course that considerably limits running on Highway 149 and instead follows well-maintained dirt roads on Deep Creek Road and Middle Creek Road. The course is much safer and even more beautiful,” Greenwolf stated.

Masks will be required at all times unless participants are actively running in the race and the organization will be providing masks for those that need one. The mask requirement includes family, friends and volunteers attending the event.

Hand washing stations will be placed strategically throughout the park and along the course for anyone wanting to sanitize during the event. The event will also include online registration to minimize group gatherings.

Runoff Runoff will take place June 5 and will include a marathon, half-marathon and 6K for participants of all ages and abilities. To register for the event, visit www.runoffrunoff.com.


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