Diana Gray appreciates all in Creede

Dear Editor,
I so want to thank so many, if I forget someone, please forgive me.
I want to start by thanking Creede Family Practice for worrying about me enough to send me to the hospital. Thank you Rio Grande Hospital for knowing I needed more advanced care and sending me to Colo. Springs. Thank you Eagle Air Med and John, Vicky and Scotty for their great care and the 26-minute trip to Penrose Hospital. Thank you to Penrose for all their great care and attention.
Thank you to Jesse and Trena Albright for buying me some clothes to have while I was there. Everything happened so quickly I left without anything.
Thank you to my three guardian angels for coming to Colo. Springs to pick me up: Don Dustin, Jim Pomery and Dan Madrid; they took care of my every need.
Thank you to the Ladies Aid, Elks, Creede Baptist Church, Helping Hands, and the LAS Sewing Sisters for such a beautiful blanket.
Thank you to all of you that brought dinners every night. All was so good. Also, thank you to the senior lunches- no one went hungry here.
Thank you to my Downstream Gas family for the donations and love poured out to me. I miss and lover you all. Thank you to Ginger Alexander and all of you for your cards, call and donations.
Thank you Creede for everything you all have done for me. I love you and I hope to be on my feet soon. This is the most wonderful place to live in the world. I also want to thank my husband Sam; without his help, I wouldn’t have been able to come home as soon as I had. I love you Sam.
A very special thank you goes to Creede Animal Clinic and Nancy Leggit for all they did for me.
My deepest love to Creede— you are all so wonderful.
Diana Gray,


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