Creede School Board president resigns

New members elected

CREEDE—The Creede School Board met in a special meeting on Tuesday to elect two new board members after losing three in recent weeks. The board elected Kassidy Mankowski in a special meeting held on Saturday, May 5 with the hopes of filling the two remaining seats on the following Tuesday. In a statement released by President John Howard Tuesday night, he stated that he had turned in his resignation following the meeting and would no longer be serving on the school board.
Howard has been instrumental on the Creede school board for several years, working closely with school officials to get a new school built for the students of Creede and continuously worked to improve programs within the school on a regular basis. “In the past few years the Creede School has made remarkable progress in various areas, with the new school being the biggest one. I want to thank the community of Creede for their unwavering support and for passing the bond that allowed the new school to be built. It has been a tribute to Creede and the students have benefitted immensely from it,” stated Howard.
In the meeting held on Tuesday, the remaining board members elected Kara Brittain and David Robinson to fill the two open seats on the board. It was at that time that Howard felt that it was best for him to resign, stating that he did not feel comfortable with the mechanics of the meeting and that the board could potentially be heading in the wrong direction with him as a member. “I have served on the board for the past 16 years and just felt it was best for me to resign,” said Howard.
The board will now have to find another participant to replace Howard and will move forward with business as usual. During the search for members in recent weeks, over 11 applicants applied.
The board members are as follows Kara Brittain, David Robinson, Damon Gibbons and Kassidy Mankowski. 

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