Creede Class of 2024 ‘Digs Deep’ with new tradition

Photos courtesy of Kristeen Lopez The Creede High School Class of 2024 walks down Corsair Drive followed by other students as they set the stage for a new tradition for seniors in the district. From Left to right: Will Roden, Lyric Stecken, Hunter Harness, Tiernan King, Lane Mitchell and Garin Heinrich.

CREEDE - As the school year ends, the Creede High School seniors came together for a final time before graduation to say goodbye to the school they loved, and hello to a new tradition that they hope continues for years.

“The brains behind this really was Will Roden. He came up with the idea after the 2024 senior class couldn’t decide on a senior gift. Will talked to his classmates and they all agreed to start what they decided to call the ‘Dig Deep Walk’,” explained local resident and PTO volunteer Kristeen Lopez.

Roden and his classmates decided they wanted to move a Days of 92 boulder from the Days of 92 arena near Basham Park in downtown Creede to Corsair Drive near the entrance to their school.

“We contacted the city and asked if we could have the boulder and they were so supportive. It was great. It didn’t take long to realize though that the city didn’t have the equipment to move the rock,” stated Lopez.

After reaching out to Mineral County Road and Bridge, the massive boulder was transported with the help of two dozers and a flatbed trailer to its new resting place near the school south of town.

“The city and the county really helped make this happen and we are really grateful for their help,” said Lopez.

On the last day of school, the Creede Class of 2024, which consisted of Roden, and five other young gentlemen were joined by the rest of the school as they walked down Corsair Drive to the newly placed boulder.

“They hand-painted rocks of their own and after walking down to the Days of 92 boulder placed their rocks alongside,” said Lopez. “These are some wonderful young gentlemen. I had the pleasure of getting to know them through the years and they are always willing to help, to volunteer time or to be willing to do anything for their community and school.”