Wolf Creek finalizes projects over summer

Wolf Creek Ski Resort spent the summer finalizing several projects, including the completion of a new trail called Orion’s Beltway.

WOLF CREEK— Wolf Creek Ski Resort has had a busy summer, finalizing several projects that have been under construction for the past six years. According to a statement from the resort, “The half-decade of construction began with the Treasure Stoke debuting in the 2013-2014 season. The previous Ctec Triple Treasure Chair was then transformed the following season to become a refurbished beginner and intermediate lift named Elma, with its purpose of assisting guests in returning to the base area and providing access to an area of the mountain that was previously underutilized.”        
In 2018, the resort continued construction with the new Lynx Lift, “The Lynx, a covered conveyor lift, followed and helped redesign and compliment the novice skiers’ first day at Wolf Creek by transporting guests to the Lynx Adult Learning Center. The induction of the Charity Jane Express to the Wolf Creek Lift System came in December of 2018 with the high-speed detachable quad benefiting all ability levels and bolstering a previously underutilized 55 acres. Beginner ski packages now include access to the Charity Chair, making five beginner lifts available to those enrolled in first- and second-day beginner lessons.”
The resort also spent the past six years working to remove beetle kill trees from the immediate ski area, alleviating obstacles throughout the resort. This past summer, the resort began work on a new trail system, “Wolf Creek’s enormous and on-going campaign of reducing the dead trees from the plight of the spruce bark beetles within the ski area will also come to benefit skiers of all ability levels. This summer a new trail called, Orion’s Beltway, is being cut and constructed. This run will be for strong beginners and intermediates by accessing Pitch’s Gate or Serendipity; the trails lead into Orion’s Beltway and continue until Lower Feather Duster appears and then continues onto the Charity Jane Express bottom terminal.”
“Wolf Creek employed a helicopter service this summer, as done in the previous 10 years, to fly out as many dead trees as was economically possible. With the forest floor being littered with fallen, dead and blown over trees, the removal process is critical to allow for early season access and better conditions on low snow years. Although the cost is high to fly the dead trees out of the forest with a helicopter, the results are far better in maintaining the integrity of the ground, reducing erosion and protecting the watershed. Since 2013 Wolf Creek has expanded and formulated a lift network and trail system for skiers and boarders of all ability levels to utilize, explore and enjoy Wolf Creek’s 1,600 acres.”    
The ski resort is also in their second year as a fully solar powered resort and are working to become a paperless resort. They will be celebrating their 80th anniversary during the 2019/2020 ski season with several events planned throughout the year.
For more information or to get news about the coming season, please visit www.wolfcreekski.com.


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