Valley boasts several electric car charging stations

Courtesy Photo San Luis Valley REC’s new electric car charging station

SAN LUIS VALLEY— An electric car charging station will be installed by May at Colorado Gators, but this is not the first charging station in the San Luis Valley.
There are already several charging stations around the San Luis Valley including one installed in December in the San Luis Valley REC parking lot, which is open to the public and listed on the PlugShare map. REC decided to install the charging station after much research, a survey of the membership, and the ambition to raise interest and awareness of electric vehicles in the San Luis Valley.
The unit is a dual-port Level 2 PowerCharge. The cooperative will be offering a six-month trial period for folks to stop by and try it out.
In the Touchstone Energy Cooperatives’ National Survey of Cooperative Difference, 2016-2017 edition, it was asserted that “Plug-in electric vehicles have the potential to change the future of transportation while adding much needed electric load to our grid. Identifying market potential, targeting members based on demographics, and understanding recharging behaviors of households using EVs play a critical role as EVs enter the mainstream.”
According to, REC is now one of seven charging locations in the San Luis Valley. The Frontier Drive In project will also be installing one at their location soon as well.
Colorado Gators was awarded funding through Charge Ahead Colorado to make this possible. Nineteen locations outside of metro-Denver were awarded this funding.
The Regional Air Quality Council and the Colorado Energy office have partnered to provide financial support for electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging stations through the Charge Ahead Colorado program. The program helps to improve air quality, encourage deployment of electric vehicles across the state of Colorado, and support implementation of the Colorado Electric Vehicle Plan.
The Colorado Gators charging station, with an estimated May 2019 completion time, will be open to the public. Electric vehicle-driving visitors to Colorado Gators will enjoy the opportunity to charge their vehicle while visiting the park. Initially, Colorado Gators will feature one charging station that allows for two electric vehicles to charge at the same time.


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