Second Annual ‘Creede Talks’ coming Feb. 18

CREEDE— On the Sunday afternoon, Feb. 18 of Creede’s Cabin Fever Daze the Creede Community Foundation will host a series of demonstrations, film and lectures from 12 to 5 p.m. at the Ruth Humphreys Brown Theatre, with an optional $10 lunch catered by Arp’s Restaurant of Creede.

The “Creede Talks” presentations will begin with a talk on plein air painting with Stephen Quiller. He will demonstrate how he packs and sets up when going into the high country, along with a short splashy “study” of a painting.

A 30-minute film will be screened of Quiller painting one of the mines in the high country, one chapter of his newly published eight chapter DVD series on outdoor painting.

Next, Beverly Chapman, an Emmy award winning Kansas City TV news reporter now making film documentaries including “Big Burn,” chronicling the West Fork Complex Fire. She will show her new 14-minute film “Soaring Back: Message to the Future,” about nesting bald eagles and about the delicate volunteers who act as midwifes to the big birds.

Next, Creede’s own Riley Goss, film student at the Chicago Art Institute, has created and produced a six-minute film that will be presented at the event, the short story of a young man whose outlook on life is restored after he discovers a strange shop.

Allison Quiller, film maker and lover of Creede history, will separate fact from legend in her talk on Boomtown Creede. This program uses photographs and early newspaper clippings to show history from the earliest settlers in the area through the big boom of 1892, and discusses some of the most prominent figures who were key to the early history of Creede.

John DiAntonio takes his improv comedy skills and puts them in front of the camera. Watch some of his infamous Cabin Fever Daze promotional clips from over the years, featuring some of Creede's favorites: Caitlin Wise, Logan Ernsthall, and Graham Ward.

Creede Repertory Theatre's Education Department collaborated with Allison Quiller and David Cohen to create a documentary of the production “Albert Porter: Boy Explorer” for the Young Audience Outreach Tour program. Last year’s tour touched over 24,000 children in over 60 communities in the rural southwest. The documentary will be shown, followed by a talk-back with Johamy Morales, education director and Allison Quiller, film director. Join in the celebration of Creede's biggest outreach program.

Jessica Jackson and John DiAntonio will offer a sneak peek into Creede Repertory Theatre's 53rd Season, featuring “The Wizard of Oz,” “9 to 5,” “Barefoot in the Park,” “Miss Holmes,” “Guadeloupe in the Guest Room” and much more. Each show features a strong female protagonist, a solid ensemble and a mountain of heart in this family-friendly, larger than life season. Some favorite actors will be returning, and fresh new faces will join the ranks.

There will be an optional $10 lunch at 12 p.m. The program is free of charge

and everyone is invited. For lodging information and a complete list of events for

Cabin Fever Daze weekend, go to or call

the Creede and Mineral County Chamber of Commerce at 719-658-2374.

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