Runoff draws nearly 130 participants

Photo by Keith R. Cerny Runners in the 6.6k race make the first turn at the start of the Headwaters Alliance sponsored Runoff Runoff in Creede on Saturday. The annual event also included a marathon and half marathon.

CREEDE — Nearly 130 runners and walkers representing six states participated in the annual Runoff Runoff event here on Saturday, sponsored by the Headwaters Alliance.

Twenty participated in the marathon, 40 in the half-marathon and 56 adults and 13 youth in the 6.6k. In addition to local competitors, others came from around Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Michigan and Texas.

In the men’s division, Gary Krugger, 37, of Los Alamos, N.M., won the marathon in a time of 3 hours and 33.50 minutes, while Julie Ford, 48, of Socorro, N.M., topped the female division in 4:07.30, edging out Elisa Mullikin, 30, of South Fork who was just over 7 seconds behind.

In the half-marathon, Kelli Garcia, 31, of Antonito won in a time of 2:03:32 with second- and third-place finishers just seconds behind her. Cody Pleak, 14, of Crested Butte topped the male division in 1:50:45.

Fifteen-year-old Robinson Ford of Socorro, N.M., won the male 6.6k in a time of 31:45 with Whitney Spivey, 38, of Los Alamos winning the female group in 32:17. Two Alamosa runners were in the top three overall, Edwin Leinbach and Alex Donahue both finishing third in their respective male-female divisions.

At age 80 and a regular participant, Creede’s Bob Seago was the oldest participant in the event, winning his age group of the half-marathon.

Other local runners finishing in the top three of their age groups were:


F 20-29 - Rachel Sucharski, Alamosa, 1st, 5:05:08

F 30-39 - Madeleine Ahlborn, Monte Vista, 2nd, 5:57:15



M 30-39 - Benjamin Pacyga, Alamosa, 1st, 1:58:28

Dominic Ali, Del Norte, 2nd, 2:09:45

M 60-69 - Blair Nielsen, Del Norte, 2nd, 2:11:48

F 60-69 - Deb Haverfield, Monte Vista, 1st, 2:34:58

M 70-98 - Bob Seago, 80, Creede, 1st, 4:20:32



M Masters - Rob Lopez, Alamosa, 3rd, 51:38

F Masters - Tarah Castleberry, Creede, 1st, 44:42

Joelle Boos, Alamosa, 3rd, 46:37

F 1-12 - Natalia Johnson, Alamosa, 1st, 41:02

M 13-19 - Tyler Sliwkowski, Creede, 1st, 38:22

M 20-29 - Edwin Leinback, Alamosa, 2nd, 25:30

Andrew Lee, Alamosa, 3rd, 37:04

F 20-29 - Alex Donahue, Alamosa, 1st, 40:04

M 30-39 - Matthew Wellmann, Alamosa, 2nd, 38:29

F 30-39 - Katrina Ketola, Del Norte, 1st, 36:44

Megan O’Connor, Del Norte, 2nd, 40:53

Cortney Johnson, Monte Vista, 3rd, 41:01

M 50-59 - David Hargis, 3rd, 1:22:19

F 50-59 - Catherine Douglass, 2nd, 52:09

Ellen Novotny, Alamosa, 3rd, 52:57

F 60-69 - Debra Sowards-Cerny, 2nd, 1:02:28

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