Rogers brings matters to Mineral County Commissioners

CREEDE— Mineral County Commissioners welcomed Road and Bridge Supervisor Danny Rogers to the regular monthly meeting on Monday, Dec 4. Rogers began by explaining that he had recently visited Grand Junction, Colo. and stopped in to a local shed company to look at options for a sand shed for the county.

Rogers has been discussing not only a new sand shed to house sand during the winter with commissioners, but has also proposed a new building for the office in the road and bridge yard. He handed out a pamphlet that showed options for a sand shed and told commissioners that he was quoted an estimated $20,000 for the shed and installation by the company Cover Bargains. The sales associate at the shed company suggested a shed that would be 32 feet tall by 36 feet deep that could house up to five loads of sand at a time. Rogers thought the price and size of the proposed shed would be appropriate for what they were looking for and asked commissioners to look it over. Commissioners agreed and stated that the project would probably not begin until summer and that they would look into pricing options.

Rogers continued his monthly report by explaining that he would like to have the lights in the current office building replaced by LED fixtures. “I think the lights should really be replaced, and I would like to do that as soon as possible,” explained Rogers. Commissioners Scott Lamb spoke up and stated that he would consider the lighting in the current building a safety issue and agreed that the lights should be changed.

The type of lighting that is being considered would be expensive to buy, but would last longer than any other lighting out there. Rogers finished by saying that the shop would need a total of eight lights and that the initial expense would pay for itself with the longevity of the bulbs. Commissioners agreed and said that they would look into purchasing lights at the beginning of the year.

Rogers finished his report by stating that he needs approval to purchase a sign for Cosair Drive leading to the school that would direct the public in the direction of the library. Rogers asked if two signs should be purchased so the sign could be visible to traffic coming from both directions on Airport Road. Commissioner Jess Albright suggested that two signs be purchased, but placed on the same pole to alleviate the issue of where the other sign should be placed that didn’t impede traffic or private land. The rest of the board agreed that the two signs should be placed facing opposite directions on the same pole and asked Rogers to order it.

The county has been working closely with Creede Schools Superintendent Liz Richards and the library board to have the hours increased for more public use. Commissioners and Richards think a sign will help increase public use and justify the additional hours the library will be open.

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