Rockhounds experience annual Creede Rock & Mineral Show

By Lyndsie Ferrell
CREEDE— For the past 17 years, Creede has welcomed rock hounds from all over the globe to enjoy a three-day weekend of all that glitters, including some things gold. The 17th Annual Creede Rock and Mineral show kicked off this past Friday with over 40 vendors and hundreds of geologists who came to Creede for one thing— to appreciate all shapes, sizes and kinds of minerals, precious metals and gems.
The show is an area favorite, bringing people from all over to experience the wonders of rock hounding and adds a fun, interactive event to the busy summer in Creede. Vendors like Joshua Ammon with his business The Rock Pick have been coming to the show for the past 17 years, bringing mineral specimens that he has collected through his worldly travels. “I love coming to this show. Out of all the places I travel, Creede is by far one of the best. The people here are fun to talk to, and we have a great time while we visit the area,” said Ammon.
Ammon, as with other vendors that come to the show, always has something special to offer guests who come to see the many types of rocks and minerals showcased during the event. The Rock Pick had everything from amethyst to citrine to opal placed under florescent lighting to show the gems’ shine. Ammon was on hand and eager to answer questions as well as tell tales of his adventures to curious guests as they wandered through the Underground Community Center throughout the weekend.
Another vendor offered specimens of Amazonite, a rich turquoise green gem found in the Lake George area near Divide, Colo. Kim and Bodie Packham began their rock hounding days shortly after Bodie retired from Hewlitt-Packard. “We placed a claim in the Lake George area and have had wonderful success finding two pockets of Amazonite. We live off the grid and rockhound every day. We love it,” said Kim.
This year was the 10th year the couple has been to the show in Creede and were pleased to be able to showcase some of their best displays of the Amazonite. “We have had a very successful year this year and we are very grateful to be able to share it with everyone,” said Bodie. Their display showcased some of the largest pieces in their collection. “We have rocks all over our house. We even have to move them off the dinner table when it’s time to eat, but we are so happy with what we get to do,” stated Kim.
The show was full of vendors and geologists like Ammon and the Packhams, highlighting the many different types of local and world-wide specimens that have been found. Guests also enjoyed two free lectures both Friday and Saturday night as well as tours through the historic Creede Underground Mining Museum.
The weekend was a huge success and plans for next year are already underway. A huge thanks goes out to all of the vendors, speakers and volunteers who helped make the show what it is today.

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