Racers slalom like giants at Wolf Creek Ski Area

Photos by Patrick Shea Wearing a custom-made ski suit, this animal carved the course during the Giant Slalom race at Wolf Creek Ski Area on Saturday, Jan. 26.

WOLF CREEK SKI AREA — The Wolf Creek Challenge Series drew 61 Giant Slalom racers to Wolf Creek Ski Area on Saturday, Jan. 26. Open to individuals and teams, the race raised proceeds for the Wolf Creek Ski Team while sharpening skills for all ages. Competitors ranged from four years old to over 60, primarily alpine skiers with a sprinkling of telemark skiers and snowboarders.
Missing a gate disqualified a racer’s time, which essentially takes the individual out of the running because this competition rewards the fastest combined time.
Men in the 18–59 age group took the top three spots. Ricky Sutpin recorded the two fastest times of the day (43.9 followed by 43.7 for 1:27.6 combined). Second-place Dan finished his runs with a 1:32.2 combined time and 46.1 average. Third in the age group and overall, Chris Foti was very consistent (46.4 on the first run and 46.2 on the second).
Nine-year-old Corbin Horrocks recorded the fourth fastest overall and average times of the day. Racing in the 10–11 age group, Horrocks registered a combined time of 1:32.6 (46.4, 46.2).
In the 15–17 age groups, Nolan Kay topped times for the boys and fifth overall (1:35.8 combined, 47.9 average) and Annabelle Bowles averaged 48.45 seconds for her two runs to win the age group and finish sixth in the full field.
The next race at Wolf Creek Ski Area is the Super Bowl Fun Race on Sunday, Feb. 3. Register at the Raven’s Nest at the top of Raven Lift between 9:30 and 10:30 a.m.. The race starts at the top of Charisma at 11:00, and race marshals keep the course open until about 1 p.m. so competitors can complete two runs. The awards ceremony takes place at 3:30 p.m. with medals for gold, silver and bronze winners in each age and gender division.

Race results (all racers are alpine skiers unless noted)
GOLD: Isabelle Ratcliff, 1:01.2, 1:01.8

GIRLS 10–11
GOLD: Aybree Hampton, 56.4, 55.1            
SILVER: Adison Johnson, 56.8, 56.6
BRONZE: Kenli Bush, 1:03.8, 1:05.7

GIRLS 12–14
GOLD: Annie Uhrenhacher, 1:02.1, 1:02.4                    
SILVER: Chloe Crabtree, 1:02.8, 1:03.2
BRONZE: Grace Walker (snowboard), 1:10.4

GIRLS 15–17
GOLD: Annabelle Bowles, 48.7, 48.2
SILVER: Hoku Caroselli, 52.8, 50.0

WOMEN 18–59
GOLD: Blue Pitcher, 52.2, 50.7    
SILVER: MorgAnne Thompson, 1:13.4, 1:08.6
BRONZE: Nicole Pemarco (telemark), 58.4
NEXT: Xina GC (snowboard), 1:11.9
GOLD: Randi Young, 52.9, 50.2

BOYS 4–6
GOLD: Benjamin Crabtree, 1:23.3, 1:19.4            
SILVER: Joshua Crabtree, 2:17.6, 2:11.6

BOYS 7–9
GOLD: Ayden Haynie, 1:18.8, 1:14.0            
SILVER: Kife Mashburn (snowboard), 1:21.1, 1:18.0
BRONZE: Joseph Tubbs 1:25.6

BOYS 10–11
GOLD: Corbin Horrocks, 47.1, 46.9 (1:34 combined, 47 average)
SILVER: Summit Mashburn, 56.0, 55.5
BRONZE: Aiden Mashburn, 59.3, 1:00.8

BOYS 12–14
GOLD: Andrew Bowles, 50.2, 52.5
SILVER: Kameron Winkler, 52.3, 53.9
BRONZE: Kaleb Johnson, 53.0, 54.5

BOYS 15–17
GOLD: Nolan Kay, 48.0, 47.8 (1:35.8 combined, 47.9 average)
SILVER: Jeb Thompson, 52.9, 50.5
BRONZE: Spencer Cizer, 1:02.0, 59.2

MEN 18–59
GOLD: Ricky Sutphin, 43.9, 43.7 (1:27.6 combined, 43.8 average)
SILVER: Dan, 47.8, 44.4 (1:32.2 combined, 46.1 average)
BRONZE: Chris Foti, 46.4, 46.2 (1:32.6 combined, 46.3 average)

MEN 60-plus
GOLD: Henry Woods, 52.4, 52.7
SILVER: Phil Clum, 57.9, 1:00.0
BRONZE: Klaus Neubert, 1:01.5
Note: Buzz Burke exhibition run time was 50.4.

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