Mineral County Search and Rescue look for missing individual

CREEDE- Mineral County Search and Rescue will be on the lookout for a missing individual that was reported missing Monday, May 11. Though details about the incident are vague, Emergency Manager Terry Wetherill stated during the Mineral County Commissioner meeting Tuesday, May 12, that he would be heading out to look for Jesus Silva.

Wetherill and the Search and Rescue team spent May 12 looking for any sign of Silva in the Equity Mine area with no results. “I hiked from the Equity Mine to the start of the San Luis Peak trail covering both sides of the canyon but found no indications of human activity other than 1 other set of tracks which were less than a week old. The snow is too deep to drive up to the San Luis Peak trail head and probably will be for another couple of weeks depending on temperatures. Mineral County Search and Rescue will continue to search when there is less snow.”

Wetherill explained to commissioners that Silva had been seen in the area several times in the past year and that he had been in contact with Silva four or five times in 2019 when Silva was camping up East Willow in his vehicle with a female companion. Wetherill warned the two individuals that snow was beginning to get deep and that it was in their best interest to move. “They did move the vehicle after that contact was made, but later we saw footprints going up to the Equity and Allen’s Crossing, so that is where we will be looking.”

The poster states that Silva was headed to the Monte Vista area to meet a tour guide and was excited to go to San Luis Peak. At the time of the missing person’s poster, Silva was reported as a 38-year-old male with dark brown hair, brown eyes, weighed 185 lbs. and was five foot seven.

Anyone with any information is encouraged to call the tip hotline at 254-717-8459.


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