Mineral County offices move home

The Mineral County Courthouse will be open for business beginning Thursday. Photo by Lyndsie Ferrell

CREEDE— The Mineral County offices spent Tuesday and Wednesday, June 4 and 5 moving all of their furniture and supplies back to their home on Main Street. The county has been handling regular business at the Bulldog Mine Administration building above Creede for the past year and are happy to gather their things and move back to town.
It has been just shy of a year since the county moved to the temporary location and the renovation project at the courthouse ran on time and on budget during the duration of the construction. Employees are eager to be back in town and closer to the people they serve on a daily basis.
A year ago, the county was awarded funding through DOLA which was combined with funding from the Underfunded Courthouse Facility Commission Grant to pay for the entire project. Construction was finally underway in July of last year.
According to Mineral County Commissioner Scott Lamb the last few steps are well underway, but the final stages may be slightly delayed due to an accident that left the construction crew Foreman Kyler Cooper hospitalized Monday.
“He lacerated his right forearm and had to be flown to Durango for surgery. At this point we are not worried about the final checklist and just hope he has a swift recovery. We are really grateful that Kyler is going to be okay,” said Lamb.
The courthouse will feature new offices, conference rooms, jury rooms, a remodeled sheriff’s department and courtroom with up to date security features.


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