Mineral County moves to Green, explains new mask mandate

MINERAL COUNTY — Mineral County joined other San Luis Valley communities on April 1 and moved to Level Green on the State’s COVID dial. In a meeting on Monday, April 5 with Mineral County Commissioners, Silver Thread Public Health Director Tara Hardy gave an update and explained the changes made to the state’s mask mandate as it relates to counties who have switched to Green.

The following is an updated explanation of the state-wide mask mandate per Colorado Public Health and Environment.

Local public health authorities continue to recommend and encourage continued mask wearing, social distancing, and other precautions for the time being until a larger percentage of our population has been vaccinated, regardless of updates to the statewide mask mandate. This will help us protect one another over the coming weeks while more and more people in our area are able to get the vaccine.

In all counties, masks are still required for persons 11 and older in preschool through grade 12 schools (including extracurricular activities), childcare centers, indoor childrens’ camps, public-facing government facilities, healthcare settings, personal care services such as hair salons, body art, nail salons, etc., congregate care facilities, prisons, and jails.

In levels other than green, masks are mandatory in public indoor settings where there are 10 or more unvaccinated individuals or individuals whose vaccination status is unknown.

For more details on the updated mask order, including limited exceptions, see the Fact Sheet provided by CDPHE, available at http://slvphp.info/Masks04April2021. The new modified mask order is automatically in effect, with no special requests needed at the local level. Local jurisdictions have the option to implement more comprehensive mask requirements if warranted, but at this time we have not chosen to do so.

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) released an amended public health order that provides updates to the COVID-19 dial framework.

Some key changes include:

Clarifying that 6 feet distancing from non-household members remains required in Level Green.

Specifying that only unseated, rather than seated, Indoor Events are subject to the 50% capacity limit not to exceed 500 people in Level Green.

Authorizing counties in Level Green to determine masks requirements as authorized in Executive Order D 2021 079.

Authorizing seated Indoor Events in Level Green to operate at 100% capacity with 6 feet distancing, allowing seating of up to 10 people together including non-household members, and requiring organizers or operators of any such events that exceed 500 people to consult with CDPHE.

Updating to allow seated Indoor Events in Level Blue to seat up to 10 people together including non-household members and require organizers or operators of any such events that exceed 500 people to consult with CDPHE. Clarifying that Bars in Level Blue may operate and are not required to sell or provide food. The state has also removed the prohibition on dance floors and games in restaurants and bars.

For more information, visit the Colorado State COVID information page at www.covid19.colorado.gov.


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