Mineral County drops to zero COVID cases

MINERAL COUNTY — Mineral County Commissioners dove into regular business on Monday, Nov. 1, and received a brief update from Silver Thread Public Health Director Tara Hardy.

As of Nov. 1, the county had again dropped to zero active COVID cases and Hardy spoke to commissioners about the vaccine recently approved for children ages 5 to 11.

“We are at zero this morning again which is good. Regional numbers are coming down, so that is looking hopeful, too," Hardy said. "I know that we were at our highest since last winter but those numbers are coming back down. On the state level, there is some concern because hospital levels are off the charts and the state is requesting support from federal agencies to set up teams to help with that. They are also requesting mobile treatment units.”

Pfizer's vaccine for children 5-11 was approved at the beginning of last week and though it is still awaiting a second approval, Hardy is preparing for Mineral County’s share of doses to arrive in the coming days.

“We are plugging away on vaccine clinics," Hardy said. "We are administering flu on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and Wednesdays are COVID specific.”

Hardy explained that the vaccine for 5 to 11 years olds should be shipping by the end of next week according to the state level. With the help of local volunteers, including those with the Mineral County EMT and ambulance service, the vaccine clinics have been successful.

“Again, a huge shoutout to Don and his team for helping with the Wednesday COVID vaccine clinics, they have been a huge help," Hardy said. "Last week, they were able to give vaccines to 84 people with boosters.”

Hardy has had regular meetings with the Creede School District with the help of Mineral County Commissioner Jesse Albright and is continuing to help navigate the 2021-2022 school year with school administration and staff.

Hardy is looking into funding opportunities, including COVID funding that may help with costs associated with the pandemic moving forward. Hardy has been working with Mineral County Administrator Janelle Kukuk to minimize the amount the county owes once the COVID funding is appropriated and continues to look for ways to ease the financial setback caused by COVID. 

“I have also been working on setting up contracts for the COVID funding so that it is not all coming through Public Health," Hardy said. "We are starting to support some infrastructure outside of Public Health as well and take some of the load of COVID response off of our plate as much as possible.”


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