Mineral County BOCC discuss county business

CREEDE—Mineral County Commissioners opened their mid-month meeting on May 16 with a brief discussion pertaining to a recycling container that would be placed near the entrance of the county landfill. Through a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with local disposal company MDS, the county will now be offering recycling services for a six-month trial period. Those that use the service will be charged a flat fee close to what is charged for bagged trash with funding going towards the purchase of a scale in order for the county to offer additional recycling services.
The containers will be placed near the entrance of the landfill to encourage recycling in the county. In the MOU, it states that the county will allow MDS to place the container on county property with the hopes of having it there permanently. If all goes well and funds are raised for a scale, the county and MDS will consider accepting electronic devices for disposal at a later date. When and if electronics are accepted, participants would be charged a per pound fee. “This is a trial period to see how things go,” stated County Administrator Janelle Kukuk.
Commissioners made a motion to accept the MOU as presented and voted to have Chairwoman Ramona Weber sign the trial contract. The container will be placed near the landfill on a cement foundation in the near future.
In other news, commissioners also continued work on a current land purchase request through the Forest Service. Over the past several years, forest officials have attempted to do a land exchange for along Highway 149. Originally, the request was for a land trade which was ultimately denied. This time around, the forest service is requesting to purchase the land out right and have asked for the commissioner’s support in the venture.
The purpose of the land purchase is for the Forest Service to be able to square up boundary lines of surrounding forestland along the Rio-Oxbow Ranch. Efforts for the land purchase request are in the beginning stages and may take some years to complete. According to a map provided by Kukuk, the land requested is staggered along the highway, in small triangular sections that mimic a staircase. Those familiar with the original proposal would recognize the map, which has not changed much from the previous proposal.
Commissioners discussed the map and location of the land purchase proposal, considering the effects of supporting the effort. After some consideration, Commissioner Jesse Albright spoke up stating that he thought the county should give the Forest Service their full support to show good faith. The remaining commissioners agreed and made a motion to sign the letter of support.
The Rio Oxbow Ranch is well known for their conservation and riparian management efforts over the last several years and have been involved in efforts with the Rio Grande Headwaters Land Trust to conserve and protect the land around the ranch. The ranch is surrounded by Forest Service land on both sides of Highway 149, which is why the Forest Service is seeking to purchase the remaining land to even out the forest boundaries.

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