Letter to the Editor: We must keep the Electoral College system

We are visiting Colorado this summer and picked up a copy of the “Mineral County Miner” dated June 4.
I was somewhat amazed at the letter to the editor which stated that Colorado should vote to have the “national popular vote winner” be elected President, instead of the current Electoral College system. 

 Our founders were very wise and realized that states with large populations would rule the White House if the nation used the popular vote system.  A few large population states, NY, FL, TX, CA would control.

Instead they created the system we have that for over 200 years that really works best.  It is not perfect but Minorities still have some say in this country as do small States.

I don’t know how old the writer is but in my youth history was taught in schools.

Go back and look at who would have won the White House over the history of our country if the total popular vote would have controlled.  It would have changed history.  People in States like ND, SD, WY, NM and many more would have little to say about who ran the White House and country.

We are also lucky that they established the Senate where every State has two Senators.

It is the best system in history so let’s not make drastic changes in it.

Bob Wall
San Antonio, Texas