Letter to the Editor: Vote yes on 6A

As a community member of Monte Vista, I feel that it is very important that we as a community vote yes on 6A. I am certain that we as a community know one, if not more of the firefighters and see that they are a family. This family of firefighters are always on call and ready to protect and help our community as well as surrounding areas.

We need the firefighters to be able to keep their equipment ready to go when they are called on and most of all, we as a community need to help keep them safe by helping financially. This financial support will allow them to have proper training and the most up to date safety equipment to protect them from the dangers that they come across with fires, accidents and other dangers they come in contact with.

Remember that when a fire or an accident occurs most folks are running away from danger and the fire department is running into danger. So, I think that voting yes on 6A is a small ask of the community for the risks that are involved every time the Fire Department is called to take care of the Community Members.

Sincerely Community Member,
Dale Becker, Monte Vista