Letter to the Editor: Creede Elks donate $5,500 to locals

To the editor,

The Creede Elks Lodge #506 has received two Elks National Foundation Grants.  The Beacon Grant in the amount of $3,500 and the Gratitude Grant in the amount of $2,000.  We donated the Beacon Grant directly to the Food Bank in Creede and the Gratitude Grant to the Creede Baptist Church and the Ladies Aid Society.  Each received $1,000 and then distributed funds to individuals and also to the Food Bank.

Our Creede Elks have donated $2,500 from our own funds for Gift Certificates to individuals for groceries, propane and rent.

Secretary, Henry Hosselkus reported that since 2012 the lodge has received Grants from the Elks National Foundation in excess of $60,000 to help our community.  We have also received $25,000 for scholarships for Creede students.

Ove the years we have helped with the After Prom, Fairgrounds, Ladies Aid Society, Christmas Community Dinner, LAS Creede Sewing Sisters, Mineral County Health Food Bank and scholarships.
Our members donate to the Elks National Foundation and in return we can apply for these grants.

Henry Hosselkus, Creede