Ladies Aid sale is off to a great start

CREEDE— The annual Creede Ladies Aid Rummage Sale kicked off Wednesday, July 17 at the old gym that was with diverse treasures. The Ladies Aid has held the rummage sale for several years and funding from the event is given directly back to the community throughout the year.
“Our main goal is to give to the community and be there at any time there is a need. This group of ladies work so hard for this event and all of the others, but the best part is how fun it is,” said Ladies Aid member Lori Dooley.
The rummage sale takes months to prepare for and people from all over the community come together to help in every way possible. “We could not do this without the help of our volunteers; our summer people who come to visit every year are an amazing help. The men come together with their trucks and trailers to help load and unload items, it is just so amazing the support we get,” said Dooley.
The gym was full of anything a person could ever want. Hundreds of books filled the bleachers, kitchen equipment, dishes and utensils filled table after table in the middle of the gym floor, antique toys, trinkets, furniture and everything in between was donated by several people over the last week. As the saying goes, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”
“We had over 100 volunteers here on the first day to start unloading things and setting up tables. We have so much fun putting this together and even though it’s a lot of work, we have fun the entire time we have the sale. It’s a wonderful cycle. People donate unwanted treasures, we make a little money and then it goes right back into the community to help people in need. Funding from this event help us provide firewood or propane to people throughout the year; we pay medical expenses or provide medical travel when needed; we basically do what we can and are there when someone has need of us,” continued Dooley.
The group also hosts several other events throughout the year and help by donating to other programs throughout the Valley, including making bags and filling them with supplies for the migrant worker program through La Puente.
A few of the members, known as the sewing sisters, make lap blankets for the elderly residents and guests in Creede as well as residents at the veterans center in Monte Vista. “They even make blankets for the new babies that are born in town; they do some amazing work,” said Dooley.
Other events include a sweetheart lunch for senior citizens on Valentine’s Day every year; they participate in the Chocolate Festival and open a Christmas Corner in a local church where they sell homemade items and do a cookie swap where each member makes five dozen cookies to share with public servants and the senior community.
“We love doing what we do, and we love the community of Creede— both the residents and the summer guests. None of this would have been possible without the help of so many people,” finished Dooley. The sale will continue until noon on Thursday, July 18.


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