Ladies Aid fundraisers continue to grow

CREEDE— Town was packed over the last week with several events taking place in Creede. The Woodcarvers Rendezvous brought a large crowd of people to the area beginning on Saturday and by Wednesday, the Creede Ladies Aid Society was ready to kick off their annual bazaar and bake sale.
The group was established in the late 1800s and has since worked to bring community services to towns across the country. The Creede Ladies Aid is one of the main community helping organizations in the area and host the event every year to help fund some of the services they provide.
The Old Gym was packed from ceiling to floor with donated goods from the community and local businesses. Tables lined the facility offering a yard sale type setting for eager shoppers. The place was packed with people wandering around to buy everything from household appliances, furniture to books, movies and toys. “This is a great event. People love to come and see what we have, and they get stuff at a steal. Its just one big, giant yard sale. What could be better than that?” stated Ladies Aid member Lori Dooley.
Some of the larger items were auctioned off throughout the afternoon, giving everyone a chance to buy furniture, paintings or electronics at a bargain price. “Everyone loves a good auction. It’s competitive and fun,” continued Dooley as she prepared the list of items for the auction. Locals, guests and more gathered around the table for their chance to buy the auction items while others took the chance to wander the tables and along the bleachers where merchandise was set up on the seats.
“We do a lot in the community. The organization helps with several events, donates money to several causes, hosts funeral dinners, makes blankets for infants when they are born and even supplies meals to people in need. All of the funding raised at this event goes right back into the community. Every penny spent here is sent right back out there to help,” said Dooley.
The event lasted two days and by the end, what was left over was packed up and put away for next year. Several members and residents helped by baking goodies for purchase, cookies, pies, brownies and so much more filled the kitchen just outside of the gym. Those who attended didn’t have to worry about breakfast or lunch either as both meals could be purchased throughout the day.
“We want to thank everyone who helped by donating items for the event and for those who spent the last two days helping us set up and take things down. It was a really great time for everyone and the community really showed their support for our cause,” finished Dooley.


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