Kentucky Belle Market stops using plastic bags

CREEDE - Beginning Jan. 1, 2020, plastic bags will no longer be available at the Kentucky Belle Market. In an effort to reduce the amount of blue plastic bags in the local area, the Kentucky Belle Market announced they will stop offering plastic bags to its customers. Reusable bags will be available for purchase and paper bags will remain available at no charge during the transition period.
The average life span of a single-use plastic bag is 12 minutes. About 150 single-use bags are used annually per person. The entry into town along the Silver Thread Scenic Byway is becoming littered with single-use bags.
“In an effort to help clean our local area from blue plastic bags we would like to do our part by asking our patrons to please use reusable bags, which we offer for sale. We will offer paper bags as a backup but beginning March 1 we will be charging $0.25 for their use. Our county disposal area is only so big, and it is filling up,” said Ron Fief, Kentucky Belle Market Owner.
The store owners realize there will be an adjustment period for their patrons, so they will have reusable bags with the store logo available for sale in addition to offering paper bags for those that forget to bring their bag. On March 1, 2020, a paper bag fee of $0.25 per bag will go into effect.
The Kentucky Belle Market is located at 103 W. 2nd Street, Creede and is open year-round. For additional information visit their website,


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