HE CREEDE HISTORICAL SOCIETY PRESENTS: From the Photo Files for June 25, 2020

Photo Article #599

CREEDE – The Creede Historical Society has thousands of photos in its photo files. Unfortunately, most are not identified in any way. Often we do not know the people, the locations in the pictures, the photographer, or the date that the photo was taken. We need your help!  If you can identify anything in this week’s photo, please call or write:

Jan Jacobs, Creede Historical Society, P.O. Box 608, Creede, CO 81130
Telephone: 719-658-2394
Email: [email protected]

Copies of our photographs are available for a small fee.

This is the Amethyst Mine Complex, upper and lower, taken about 1946. The two men, one pushing the ore car and the other riding, are unknown. Poxson Family Collection, Creede Historical Society Archives, Catalogue #7335-PFC-9.


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