Governor Polis visits Creede Early Learning Center

Photo Courtesy of Creede Early Learning Center Colorado Governor Jared Polis visits the Creede Early Learning Center on July 13 as part of his initiative for free early education throughout the State of Colorado. The Governor met with representatives from the center and talked about the program that has been in Creede for several years.

CREEDE — Governor Jared Polis made his way through the San Juan Mountains on Wednesday, July 13, as he traveled along the Silver Thread Highway stopping to promote the outdoors, roads and early learning programs.

According to his public relations crew, Gov. Polis began his journey in Lake City.

“Polis joined the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, GOCO, Town of Lake City Mayor Dave Roberts and Hinsdale County Commissioners to visit the Peninsula at Lake San Cristobal Park and celebrate the opening of a pedestrian bridge to Goose Island, providing additional opportunities for Coloradans to safely enjoy Colorado’s iconic outdoors,” his office stated.

Polis made his way up Slumgullian Pass and along Highway 149 to Forest Service Road 529 and Mile Marker 30 and met with representatives of Colorado Department of Transportation as part of his administration's focus on fixing and improving rural roadways. 

His final stop was at the Creede Early Learning Center to speak to representatives about the voter-approved initiative to make early childhood education and preschool free by next year, which was estimated to save Colorado families an average of $4,300 per year. 

According to a press release, Gov. Polis signed legislation for free early childhood programs in April and will be working with state and local officials to put the plan in place by 2023-2024.

“Governor Jared Polis joined state officials, bill sponsors, and parents and students to sign legislation creating the voter-approved universal preschool program in Colorado, and implementing the new, unified Department of Early Childhood, helping Colorado families save on average up to $4,300 every year. Last year, the legislature and Polis administration finalized plans for the Early Childhood Department to streamline the early childhood system, prepare our students for success, build a highly skilled early childcare and education workforce, and give families economic freedom,” his office stated.

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