‘Furious Five’ grab second place trophy in district finals

CREEDE— Creede is a small school with very few students that participate in sports throughout the year. This year’s middle school volleyball team took it to the limits and played the entire season with only five players, which ended up being one of the best things they could have chosen to do.
When new Athletic Director Jim Tillery came to the school from New Mexico, the first thing he noticed was that the athletic department had a bad reputation and he came on board to make sure that that changed.
“When I got here, all I heard was negative comments about the athletic department and I thought, wow these students have talent. With all of the new changes this year, these girls did amazing and we are so proud of them,” said Tillery.
The start of the season produced a small team of five girls that range in grades sixth to eighth coached by Kim Fairchild. Trenea Carpenter, Leah Arnold, Jenna Fairchild, Klara Mankowski and Elli Jerabek did not let that stop them from moving through the season and ending in second place within their district. The girls played one player short the entire season, losing a point automatically every time it was the missing sixth player’s turn to serve. This, coupled with their drive resulted in a very successful season and one, the girls are sure to remember for a lifetime.
“We have a lot of positive changes going on at the school, including a new superintendent and working with Lake City on a new cooperative for the athletic departments. I preached positivity all season long, hoping it would pay off and these girls took it to second place in their district,” explained Tillery. He continued to explain how big of a deal this is for the communities, and everyone who helped with the season couldn’t be happier with the result.
The volleyball team began the district playoffs last Tuesday, Oct. 10 playing the first of three games against Sierra Grande, which they won. The next game took place against Monte Vista, which according to Tillery should have been an easy win for the Monte Vista team. Low and behold, the team of five from Creede came out swinging and won the game, launching them into the district playoff game against Sargent School District.
It was on Saturday, Oct. 14 that the team dubbed “The Furious Five” ended their season in a close game of 15 to 13, making the team second in the entire district. “We are so proud of the hard work and dedication the girls put into the season,” said new Superintendent Liz Richards.
The Creede Varsity Volleyball team is still going strong and will host their next game at the Creede School against Mountain Valley on Friday. The varsity team is running third in their district and hopes are high that they will do just as well as their younger teammates. Way to go ladies!

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