Flume project remains on schedule

By Lyndsie Ferrell
CREEDE— The Creede Board of Trustees welcomed flume project manager Guinevere Nelson-Freer to the regular monthly meeting, Tuesday, June 5, who provided an update on the project.
Nelson-Freer stated that the project is moving right along and off to a decent start. “The pipe is being installed beginning on the south end of the flume and crews are working their way north. Everything has been pushed back a week, but the project remains on schedule.”
In a letter updating the board on the progress of the project, Nelson-Freer stated that, “The construction portion of the flume project began on April 29. This was the first day of work by MCSI on the ground. To date they have completed installing and grouting all of the pipe supports at locations where the pipe will set below the parapet wall of the flume.”
Griffin Dewatering (MCSI’s subcontractor) has delivered pipe and started welding the pipeline together at the southern end of the project. They will be working Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. to complete pipe installation by June 23. They will work upstream to the flume inlet, delivering pipe and fusing pipe until they reach it. Weaver has graded the ROW and excavated for the pipe at the foot bridges. On Friday, June 1, Weaver worked on the outlet of the flume to prep for the pipeline outfall. Next week, Weaver will be making road cuts at 3rd, 5th and Wall streets to stay ahead of Griffin.
Nelson-Freer continued, stating that all of the access agreements between the contractor, town and property owners have been granted, giving access to properties along the flume and that so far, most property owners have been very supportive of the project.
Once Nelson-Freer was finished giving the initial report, she moved on to request approval of a contract with Critters Barricades out of Del Norte to assist with traffic control. During a meeting held at the beginning of May, the board was presented with a higher than expected quote from the company because specific details pertaining to traffic control dates had not been determined yet.
During the meeting on Tuesday, Nelson-Freer presented the board with a quote much lower than the original and asked that the board approve the contract with a stipulation that the company cannot exceed a specific amount. “This is the last major piece. We were able to fine tune the traffic control dates and get a more accurate quote. My recommendation is to set a high amount and that way we can come in under budget by the end,” said Nelson-Freer.
The board opted to approve the contract with Critters Barricades with a stipulation that they could not exceed $57,000. The cost estimate for the entire project came in at about $13,000 for duration of the project, plus roughly $500 a day when traffic control is needed. By approving the contract with the cap estimate of $57,000, the board will be able to come in under budget for traffic control. The board thanked Nelson-Freer for her work on the project and approved the contract unanimously. Road cuts will begin next week on both 3rd and 5th streets.  

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