Displaced Voters - Voter registration information for voters experiencing foreclosure, eviction or homelessness

COLORADO - Colorado law protects the right of all Coloradans to register and vote in the upcoming election. This protection includes voters who may be going through foreclosure, eviction or homelessness. Voters who are going through any of these situations should be aware that they can still register and vote in the upcoming election. The following is intended to help answer normal questions and clarify the law for these voters. Voters are also encouraged to visit the Secretary of State’s website, www.sos.state.co.us  for more information.
Just receiving a foreclosure or eviction notice does not affect how or where you vote:
If you are still living at your address when you vote, you do not need to alter your voter record in any way. Voters are always encouraged to check their voter record before the election by visiting www.govotecolorado.gov

If you must leave your current residence before the election:  Voters in this situation should update their voter registration record to reflect the address where they currently regularly return to. This will help to ensure that the voter receives their ballot in the mail.

If this address is in a different state, the voter should register to vote and vote in that new state.
Voters can update their information by visiting www.govotecolorado.gov . Voters who move close to Election Day may update their information and get a ballot by visiting a polling center located in their county. Voters can find their nearest polling center at www.govotecolorado.gov 

Voters currently without a fixed permanent home are eligible to register and vote in the upcoming election.

Voters in this situation should be sure to update their address with their local county clerk as soon as possible.

Voters without a fixed permanent home should be registered at the place they consider their “home base.”

“Home base” means a location the voter regularly returns to and intends to remain.

This can include a park, vacant lot or homeless shelter.

It’s important that a voter who is registered at a location that does not receive mail also designates a mailing address where they can pick up their ballot. This mailing address can be anywhere that the voter has the ability to access their mail on a regular basis and can include a post office box.

Voters in this situation who miss or are not able to access their mail ballot may always visit a polling center located in their county to vote.


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