CSD Board adds second public comment period

CREEDE — The Creede School District Board of Education called their April meeting to order on Tuesday and opened with several suggested changes to the agenda by board member Tim Bachicha, one of which was passed.

Bachicha proposed that the board pull one of the policies that was on the agenda for second approval and requested it be moved back to first reading in order to discuss the policy further. Bachicha made the motion, but it died after it did not receive a second.

Bachicha also suggested the board vote on having a second public comment period at the end of every meeting. This topic, according to Bachicha had been discussed previously but that a decision was not made. Bachicha made his motion which was seconded and passed 3-2.

Next, Bachicha requested the approval and dispersal of checks be permanently removed from the consent agenda and be placed as its own line item. Again, the motion was made but did not receive further support. The board voted to approve the agenda as amended and moved on to presentations.

The board welcomed fourth- and fifth-grade students Waverly Pearson, Charlie Fairchild and Asher Albright. The students worked with Jason Whitehorn and their new 3D printer to solve a problem they were having with wind and vents in the school’s shop.

“I noticed that heat is lost throughout the building through vents in the garage door, so I asked the class to look at the problem and see if they could come up with some solutions and they did,” said Whitehorn.

The students worked to solve the problem of heat escaping through the exhaust vents installed in the shop garage doors and then designed new flaps that would minimize heat loss throughout the windy, winter months. Though there were some technical issues along the way, the students were eventually successful.

The board welcomed Katlin Vanaken who serves on the district’s accountability committee which recently sent out a parent survey. Vanaken gave a brief presentation on the results. Vanaken stated that 45 people took the survey, and 42 people completed the entire survey. Some of the questions included in the survey focused on the school’s mission, goals and improving the overall student experience at the district. 

Board members worked through the regular agenda, hearing updates from the financial department, Principal John Goss and board member Jennifer Harbert. They closed the meeting by approving the second reading of several policies which can always be viewed on their website at www.creedek12.net.


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