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Smith shares a recap of opening night

CREEDE– I had the opportunity to attend the Opening Night Celebration for the 54th season of the Creede Repertory Theatre on Thursday, May 30. Dale and Anne Pizel of Broken Arrow Ranch and Land Co. were gracious enough to extend an invitation for my family and I to attend, so we took them up on the offer.
The featured show of the evening was Peter and the Starcatcher. Based on the novel by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, and set in the late 1800s, it is a tale of swashbuckling adventure that tells of how Peter Pan came to be, well... Peter Pan!
The story begins when three orphan boys are exiled to a ship of misfits headed to a distant island. One of the boys has no name and is particularly defiant of authority because of abuse and neglect. He finds a path to a better future thanks to a young girl named Molly, the daughter of a British Admiral who also happens to be a “Starcatcher in training.” Both Molly and her father are committed to a secret mission to dispose of a trunk full of a magic potion known as “Star Stuff.”
The Admiral sails away to the same distant island to fulfill the mission on his ship, the “WASP.” Molly is sent to the ship of misfits known as the “Neverland” for safety. However, she is very unhappy about it. There she discovers the stowaways and befriends them. Both ships are taken over by and band of greedy pirates, who are after the “Star Stuff” thus forcing the children to work together to help Molly’s father keep the trunk safe.
Over the course of the narrative, the boy is given a name: Peter. Thanks to Molly, he also learns about what “Star Stuff” can accomplish and the main characters of the classic tale are introduced. The result of the adventure is that a lonely and dejected individual comes to find a place he can call home while never having to grow up at the same time.
I found the production to be entertaining. The actors did a superb job and there were many humorous notes infused into the story as it unfolded. It was a very distinct style of entertainment that encouraged the audience to channel their inner child.


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