Crowds eat up Little Shop of Horrors

CRT’s Little Shop of Horrors was a huge success throughout the weekend bringing in a full house almost every night.

CREEDE— Crowds of people flocked to the small town of Creede over the Fourth of July weekend, not only for the festivities that the town has become famous for, but also for their chance to relive an 80s classic through a live performance with the Creede Repertory Theatre (CRT).
CRT is known for intricate stage designs, their countless hours poring over plays throughout the year with rehearsal after rehearsal, the unique and colorful costumes and a stage presence that cannot be matched for miles around, but one thing is for sure, when it comes to CRT remaking 80s wonders, they nail it and “break every leg” known to man (in theatre speak).
Little Shop of Horrors opened the last weekend in June and brought crowds to town that just wanted a chance to see one of their favorite childhood musicals brought to life. The same was true during the Fourth of July holiday and CRT, cast and crew knocked it out of the park.
For those who were fans and for those who were not, but now are, the musical debuted in the mid-80s starring Rick Moranis as the main character, Seymour. The comic and tragic love story weaves its way around one of CRT’s most intricate stage designs yet, with the plant known as Audrey Two, creating a setting that enamored audiences for almost two hours.
CRT’s very own Jessica Jackson was the director for CRT’s rendition of Little Shop of Horrors and though she kept true to the original story line, her twist on the classic musical shined around the edges with colorful dance moves, epic costumes and one heck of a plant taking center stage.
One of the unique parts of seeing any play at CRT is being able to see the band and sound crew behind the backdrop to the main stage, bringing the live theatre experience to the forefront and inviting audiences into the unique setting with a view.
The night ended with a standing ovation for the cast and crew at CRT. Everyone who attended a performance throughout the past week has raved about the talent that went into the making of the play and has made plans to come back for more.
The season is off to a great start with shows like Peter and the Starcatcher, Ripcord, Pride and Prejudice and Hazardous Materials. The theatre has earned six nominations for the 14th Annual Henry Awards with an emphasis on Outstanding Production of a Play for Miss Holmes that was also directed by Jackson.
Coming up next month the theatre will be hosting its annual Headwaters New Play Festival later in August where select playwrights from all over the nation come to have their work read in a live setting and to gain feedback from audiences who come to participate.
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