Creede works toward infrastructure in 2020

CREEDE- The City of Creede spent a good part of 2019 taking a deep breath and enjoying the changes that came to pass in the previous year. Between 2017 and 2018 the town went through several changes including a major construction project as several entities worked tireless hours to improve the drainage flume that ran through town, grant funding for downtown revitalization, city park improvements and work on local streets and ATV routes.
The year 2019 was the first in many that the town was able to use as a planning year for projects that are yet to come and to enjoy a summer without many past projects still in the works. Though the town is never not working to improve the infrastructure, its main goal for the year was to make plans to move forward with several projects that will help to improve the community as a whole.
Creede has always been a busy place. Throughout history the town has seen its fair share of people flocking to the area whether it was for a chance at becoming wealthy, to see live theater or to just enjoy a wild Fourth of July celebration and this year was by no means any different. The streets were constantly packed with guests coming to the area to visit the infamous Creede and the local area soaked up the attention and love.
The year was by no means without heartbreak, but the community came together and showed the world how strong and how resilient the town has always been and will always be. Guests came to enjoy donkey races, marathons, delicious food prepared at an outdoor chef’s table and art created right on Main Street. It was a typical year, but even a typical year in Creede means something special.
Now as the new year has arrived the small mountain community is gearing up for what is sure to be another year full of changes and growth. The town is preparing for some projects to begin in the coming year including possible parking improvements and an improved water and sewer system. The main focus of city officials is also public safety and the board will be looking at options to help with funding needed to purchase generators for emergencies.
Though most of the plans are only in the beginning stages, it is sure that the town will continue to do what it does best and that is to welcome a new decade with high spirits, great times and community togetherness. Happy New Year!


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