Creede talks coming to the Ruth

Courtesy Photo Pictured left to right are: Rhonda Foale (geologist) , Stephen Quiller (painter), Allison Quiller (filmmaker), John D'Antonio (managing director of CRT) and Johame Moralez (children's director); not pictured is Jessica Jackson (artistic director of CRT).

CREEDE— As part of Cabin Fever Daze weekend, the Creede Chamber and the Creede Community Foundation will host a series of talks and films at the new Ruth Humphreys Brown Theatre venue on Sunday, Feb. 17.
The doors will open at 12 p.m. with food available for $10. The event will begin at 12:30 p.m. and is free to the public.
Stephen Quiller will kick off the afternoon with a presentation on composition for the painter. These are things to consider when an artist is arranging the various shapes on the picture plane. It will be a digital presentation showing various paintings by well-known as well as unknown artists throughout art history. This talk will be informative, not only for artists, but also public in general. It will help attendees to see more deeply when looking at paintings but also nature.
This will be followed by a short film executed by Creede High School students. Filmmaker Allison Quiller and artist and instructor Alicia Hess collaborated working with the students. “The Mines” is a short film independently produced by the Creede High School film class. It tells the
story of three girls who embark on a hunt for extraterrestrial life and discover much more than they bargained for. Every aspect of this film, from script writing to sound design, is the product of the CHS students’ creativity.
Rhonda Foale will then give a digital presentation and geological talk. Foale has given many presentations on the history and geology of the area. This new talk covers the Colorado Plateau Geology and plate tectonics and a geological tour of nine National Parks featuring the Grand Canyon. She will be highly informative and it will be fun to watch.
Artistic Director Jessica Jackson and Managing Director John D’Antonio will give the audience some background and highlights of the selected plays for Creede Repertory Theatre’s upcoming season. Plays such as Pride and Prejudice, Little Shop of Horrors, Peter and the Starcatcher and Ripcord will be introduced and described.
Creede welcomes everyone to this event, both local and people throughout our region. Take a drive up the Creede Canyon; enjoy late winter beauty of the San Juan Mountains and Rio Grande River, the wildlife and an afternoon in town.


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