Creede swears in new trustees

Tiny homes, ATVs discussed

By Lyndsie Ferrell
CREEDE— The Creede Town Board welcomed a new member to their table Tuesday, April 17 and got right down to business.
The town welcomed back Dana Brink and Frank Freer to the board as returning trustees and swore in new trustee Joe O’Connell. O’Connell moved to the area a few years ago and decided that he wanted to be involved in the community.
Though O’Connell expressed several times that he did not have any prior experience in town politics, he stated that the town needs firm leadership to get through several projects that are in the works, including the flume rehabilitation. O’Connell shared his vision about helping the community see that their needs are met and to see that the town continues to grow and move forward.
After the swear-in ceremony, the board jumped right in to regular business to discuss the possibility of having an ordinance enforcement officer for ATVs. The town has been reliant on an agreement with the Mineral County Sheriff’s Department for years, who have helped enforce laws within city limits, but now with ATVs legal on city streets, the issue has been raised on whether or not the town should consider another alternative to focus on ATVS.
The town board has not yet come to a decision regarding the issue and stated that they plan on considering it before the beginning of summer. Most of the issue lies in whether or not an ordinance enforcement officer could be fit into the budget and the board plans to have more discussions on the topic in future meetings.
In addition to the ATV issue, board members decided to table the tiny home discussion indefinitely. The topic has been on the table for months as city officials and the planning and zoning board looked at the development code. A few changes to the code were presented in a meeting last December and were tabled until further discussion could be had with the general public that would be affected. Though the issue remains unsolved, the town will continue to work on the topic and try to find a compromise to allow the homes to be built in town limits.
Board members also looked at material that will be used for paving stones in Basham Park, continuing the revitalization project that began last fall. A new structure was completed over the winter that replaced the old gazebo and is funded through a grant that was received in the fall of 2017. The board approved having work completed that would add more landscaping in the park this summer— adding some pavestones around the pavilion, connecting the new pathways, and putting grass into the gravel driveway area in front of the depot. Also, the town will be getting new benches and trash cans on Main Street through a SLVCOG grant.


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