Creede Rock and Mineral Show set for Aug. 5-7

Photo by Lyndsie Ferrell The 21st Annual Creede Rock and Mineral Show is ready to open its doors the first weekend in August and welcome rockhounds from around the globe back to the small mountain town.

CREEDE — Colorado is known for its summer activities that can range from quiet festivals to rock concerts in a natural amphitheater like at Red Rocks but there is also a unique crowd that ventures to the state for another reason, rocks, and minerals. For all the rockhounds, next weekend is their chance to come to Creede for its annual Creede Rock and Mineral Show.

Creede has been hosting this event for 21 years, minus the show that was canceled in 2020, and has seen guests from far and wide explore three full days of some of the best rocks and minerals around. The show is an excellent opportunity to speak with experienced geologists from around the globe about rocks, minerals, and everything in between.

Creede is a geological phenomenon and was part of one of the largest volcanic events in the world. The La Garita Caldera created the geology of Creede and is the reason why Creede was one of the top silver producers in the late 1800s. Creede began its boom days in 1891 when the discovery of silver sent the town into a rockslide of fame and fortune. 

In the years since, Creede adapted when the silver industry crashed in the mid-1980s and has survived through innovative historical preservation, tourism, and uniquely enough, theatre. The town is the epitome of survival and when several other mining towns across the country came to an inevitable end, Creede picked up the pieces and used its mining heritage to build the foundation of what is there today, which includes, the 21st annual Creede Rock and Mineral Show.

This year’s event will take place Aug. 5-7 at the Creede Underground Mining Museum and Community Center. The building is a testimony to Creede’s mining heritage and was created to serve the miners of the past and was built by the men and women who worked in some of the mines in the area after they closed. 

This unique venue offers people a chance to venture underground and see the treasures brought by several different vendors that are also on hand to answer any questions guests may have about geology. The event is billed as fun for the entire family.

The event also includes nightly lectures by professionals in different fields of geology and is a great opportunity to learn about the Creede and La Garita Caldera. Specific topics are announced just before the event, but more information and a full schedule can be found at All events are subject to change due to the current state and local COVID guidelines. Be sure to check the website before heading out to the event.


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